How common are car accidents on San Diego 805 Interstate?

All cities have an interstate or major thoroughfare located near the the area and San Diego is no different. Interstate 805 is a short stretch of highway in southern San Diego County that leads directly to Interstate 5 from both the east and the west. However, the fact that the highway stretch is short does not diminish the fact that it is a magnet for serious accidents, often involving 18-wheelers and other types of commercial vehicles. The damage that can be done in a big-rig accident is immense, as the typical passenger vehicle is no match for any commercial vehicle. This includes box containers as well as a tractor trailer. The 805 is an eight-lane highway that serves as a bypass for the major amount of traffic in the southern part of the county and is the connecting route to Interstate 5 that is the primary north south transportation corridor in Southern California.

Highway crashes can be very serious incidents, especially when they happen on the open road and at a high rate of speed. These types of accidents commonly result in pile ups or multiple car crashes that regularly result in fatalities and serious long-term injuries. And, they are much more common on sections of highway like Interstate 805 where traffic is in a state of constant congestion. Any Menifee Ca car accident lawyer understands this potential for serious injury and will always work diligently at investigating what are often complicated accident scenes.

A Menifee Ca car accident lawyer will also advise that it is never a good idea to attempt representing yourself in injury claim negotiations with an insurance company following an an accident on I 805. Having an experienced and comprehensive attorney from Mova Law Group means that you are not required to deal with the professionally trained adjusters who are always looking for a method to lessen the value of an injury claim. Your auto accident case may be much more valuable financially than you realize, and your attorney from Mova Law Group can pursue all avenues of financial recovery based on the accident investigation.

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